Boomi World breakout sessions are designed to help you understand the art of the possible for connecting every part of your business -- better, faster and smarter.
Check out the below sessions tailored for Boomi developers, architects and DevOps, as well as sessions addressing a variety of use cases to meet your current and future needs for the connected business.
Boomi Basics: Going Beyond Integration with APIs, Data Management and Workflow Automation
Boomi is widely known as the leading integration platform as a service, but there is much more that can be accomplished with the Boomi platform. Whether enabling API-based interactions with external applications, improving the value of business data, or even building new applications, there are so many ways to take advantage of what Boomi has to offer.
Join us in this session to learn how Boomi supports the broadest range of your organization's needs to connect every part of your business.
Boomi Basics: Managing Your B2B Transactions in the Cloud
With the adoption of cloud-based ERP and related applications, and the need for agility to respond to customers rapidly changing needs, is your legacy EDI system proving inflexible and cumbersome to manage?
Learn how you can leverage Boomi to modernize your trading partner EDI interactions.
Boomi Product Roadmap: What's New and What's Coming in Atomsphere and API Management
Join the Boomi Product Management team to learn about the new capabilities available this year, including the integration of Boomi Flow in our products, and where the product team is focusing in the future for Atomsphere and API Management.
Boomi Product Roadmap: What's New and What's Coming in Atomsphere, Boomi EDI, and Boomi MDM
Join the Boomi Product Management team to learn about the new capabilities available this year within Atomsphere, Boomi EDI, and Boomi MDM. We will also share how Boomi Flow works with all our products and where the product team is focusing on in the future.
Using APIs to Build a Connected Business in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World
Today, application developers need to connect an ever-expanding number of data sources and data consumers, spread across various delivery models. It is time to rethink that practicality of legacy enterprise service bus architecture and its heavy architecture implications.   
Attend this session to learn how to use a distributed architecture leveraging microservices & DevOps that can be deployed anywhere – public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise datacenters - to best satisfy individual use cases and requirements, from governance and security to latency and locality.
  • The API Economy - 'APIs around everything and everything around APIs'
  • Benefits of a distributed integration architecture vs legacy ESB
  • Modernize while leveraging pre-existing code, projects, and assets
  • IoT and edge-native integration
Mobile Application Development: Creating Modern, Engaging Customer Experiences
What would your business be able to accomplish in the time saved by automating the processes that are currently inefficient and highly manual? With Boomi Flow you can build powerful workflow applications to unify and orchestrate both internal and customer-facing interactions.
Attend this session to understand:
  • What Boomi Flow is (and what it is not)
  • Boomi's process-orchestration, responsive UI-generation, and real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Best practices to create low-code applications
  • How to use Boomi's integration and API capabilities in conjunction with workflow applications
7 Habits of the Successful Boomi Developer   
Boomi's visual, drag and drop UI, along with our unified platform, makes it easy to build, deploy and manage integration processes. The question is - are you effectively using the power of the Boomi platform to drive productivity across your development teams?
Combining the knowledge of Boomi experts, with the experience of the Boomi user community, this session provides practical development strategies and configuration tips for both the novice and the experienced Boomi developer to start using today!
This session will explain:
  • How to establish development best practices across your team(s)
  • Strategies for approaching new integrations
  • Configuration tips for building manageable integrations
Accelerating Connectivity with Your Applications and Data to Accelerate Your Business
Boomi's wide range of connectors enables you to connect to on-premise and cloud applications – irrespective of where it is hosted. Come learn tips and tricks on how you can best use Boomi’s connectors to simplify and accelerate connectivity across your hybrid IT infrastructure.
In this session we will explore:
  • The Boomi connector portfolio, and the time to value it provides
  • How to choose the connector to best addresses your business needs
  • When to build a connector
Integration, APIs and Workflow: Extending the Value of Your Salesforce Investment     
For many organizations, Salesforce is core to their operations across business groups. Learn how you can leverage Boomi to optimize your usage of Salesforce, and its related eco-system of applications.
This session will cover how:
  • Boomi API Management enables you to set up listeners and OData web services to use with any Salesforce Cloud
  • Boomi MDM ensures that customer data is consistent between Salesforce and other applications
  • Boomi Flow brings new process automation and orchestration capabilities to Salesforce
Using the Power of the Platform to Address Complex Integration Requirements
Are you faced with complex integration scenarios such as integrating with legacy systems that use non-standard formatting? Or systems that need specialized JARs? This is the session for you!
Come learn how you can leverage the tools available on the Boomi platform to best address your complex use cases, while accelerating time to value.
This session will cover:
  • How to supplement your low-code integrations with custom scripting
  • Best practices for using JAR management and  distribution
  • Overview of custom library management and distribution
From Integration to Synchronization: Using a Hub-based Approach to Ensure Data Integrity Across Your Business           
As the rapid adoption of new applications creates the challenge of making everything work together to produce business value, data integrity is a frequent casualty. Boomi Master Data Management synchronizes critical business data for consistency, accuracy and completeness, wherever it’s needed.
Join this session to learn:
  • How Boomi data synchronization can future-proof your data governance program
  • How to build simple integration processes to/from Boomi MDM's data hub
  • How to optimize the level of data stewardship and measure program success
Engaging Lines of Business and Citizen Integrators in Integration Projects      
Business units are demanding better agility from IT.  Self Service has moved from a nice to have to a need to have. In addition, the number of business applications in the average enterprise has grown and using typical integration means cannot keep up.  Using some of the advanced tools within Boomi, learn how to adopt to your growing business needs, empower the business to build their own integrations and monitor and support a large enterprise.
This session will cover best practices to quickly develop new integrations and leverage process templates, integration packs, APIs and workflows.
Behind the Firewall: Reducing Complexity of On-Premise Integrations     
On-premise systems and applications are still prevalent and a major consideration as part of an overall integration strategy. Within most businesses, there is a need to handle integrations efficiently behind the firewall -- enterprise architectures continue to include a high overhead of a complex on-premises ESB platform. But in many cases, that cost and complexity can be reduced with Boomi.
This session walks through an ESB migration to an enterprise-grade iPaaS, that’s faster and more flexible than legacy integration technology. Reimagine your on-premise integration strategy with Boomi.
Integration CoE: How a Center of Excellence Changes the Game
Is your organization looking to break down business silos and connect data across the enterprise? An integration Centre of Excellence enables cross-functional teams to improve the delivery of connected experiences and business value by creating shareable, reusable best practices.
Learn how to setup an integration CoE that can improve how integrations are implemented and deployed across an organization. Accelerate your thinking about the essentials, key criteria and pitfalls starting from design, development to governance during this session.
Using the Right Integration Patterns to Meet Your Business Needs    
As companies build an enterprise integration strategy, implementing the right architecture to meet your application landscape and digital transformation requirements is key to a successful implementation. This session will help you identify the correct Boomi architectures for the most common integration patterns (real-time, batch, and event-driven) and the most common architecture designs (Hybrid, Cloud, and On-Premise).
You will learn best practices on:
  • How modern real-time integrations are embracing the API economy
  • How to leverage Boomi MDM in both a co-existence and a centralized architectural style
  • How to connect the Boomi iPaaS to Boomi Flow for workflow automation
IoT and Connected Business
Businesses are increasingly investing time and resources to determine if there is a business value or competitive advantage that can be gained by adopting an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. Even with a rapidly growing landscape of vendors providing hardware, devices, gateways, software, and cloud services, it will be critical to unify on a common hybrid data integration platform for both business data as well as device data.
Learn how Boomi plays a key role in helping businesses achieve application connectivity and evolve their ever changing IoT business goals.
Systems of Intelligence: Building the Next Generation of Automated Applications and Processes
Cloud computing has made it possible for enterprises to think about scale and elasticity with exponential growth. The next generational shift for enterprises is not just about connecting applications and processes for customer excellence. Think about how to make businesses smarter and faster with automation and workflows. Systems of intelligence is challenging how businesses operate in an effort to modernize and meet customer demands.
In this session, we'll explore use cases driving the systems of intelligence and how to engage with customers and do more.
Leveraging Data Across the Enterprise for Advanced Analytics
More than 90 percent of all data ever created was generated in the last few years, with Data volume has been growing exponentially and enterprises have invested heavily in data collection. Modern enterprises are challenged in storing these  unprecedented volumes of data, and in gaining value from that data to drive informed business decisions.
In this session, you will learn how companies can gain insight and address business risks proactively with a data-centric view. Businesses need access to the right data whether it is consolidating data from multiple sources, or enriching and validating data that meets the data demands of a vast range of business applications.
Performance Matters: Scaling Integration Processes to Meet the Needs of Your Business      
When it comes to deploying Boomi Integration Processes, do you know when to use a Molecule instead of an Atom? Are you familiar with the benefits of using an Atom Worker? Are you knowledgeable about which options should you consider for on-prem deployment?
In this session, you will learn how to optimize the performance of your integration processes in order to meet your specific runtime requirements.
The DevOps Session: How Boomi Supports the Goal of CICD
At the core of DevOps success is the ability to meet the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) needs of your development teams, allowing your organization to innovate and improve how you run your business in the digital age.
Find out how Boomi is built to assist DevOps with CICD workflows, and how Boomi platform APIs can be used to automate different tasks related to your use of Boomi.
Best Practices for Enforcing Information Security in the Connected Business  
Securing your information systems and the data that passes between them is a reality for every organization. There's too much at risk, from compliance to regulations to your business reputation, to not take every precaution available.
Boomi provides a wide range of security capabilities, whether for traditional integration or API-based interactions. Learn how Boomi helps ensure information security in a world where everything needs to be connected.
Going Public: Key Considerations for Getting the Most from Your Multi-Cloud Environments
The use of public cloud infrastructure and services has become pervasive for organizations of every size, bringing unprecedented flexibility and scale to IT. Boomi provides the ability to deploy and run your integration processes in the same environments as applications and services that are benefiting from the shift to public cloud computing -- this is your opportunity to learn from Boomi practitioners how to take full advantage of your investments in AWS and Azure.
Data Governance and Stewardship: Establishing a Plan for Success
As organizations move to modernize IT in order to become digital businesses, they quickly realize that it’s not as easy as just buying and implementing new technology. Coordination and buy-in from business stakeholders is required to ensure success.
Learn how Boomi customers have established an effective data governance program to improve data quality and consistency across the enterprise.
Insights from Customers: Best Practices to Create Omni-Channel Strategies
The connected customer is always on. Customer demands and expectations are increasing at an exponential rate and innovative companies customers are using Dell Boomi to stay ahead. Come hear how companies of all sizes and stripes are embracing that challenge, particularly by understanding, mapping, monitoring, and optimizing the customer’s journey. More than catching up with competition, it’s about using cloud computing, mobile, social networking, big data, and IoT to connect with their customer in new and interesting ways.
Leveraging iPaaS to Drive a Customer-Centric Organization
Nothing is more important to your business than knowing your customer. Yet, tracking customer behavior through the myriad of interaction points is a daunting challenge for many organizations.
Come learn how Boomi experts – customers like you -- have tied together people, processes and systems to create a single, comprehensive view of the customer. With this increased visibility into customer behavior and analytics, these organizations have seen tremendous benefit – such as improved customer outcomes, customer profitability, and customer loyalty.
Improving HR Processes to Optimize Business Operations
Certainly, one of the most common Boomi integration and workflow scenarios is automating Human Resources processes. Boomi has brought tremendous value to organizations struggling with what we call “swivel-chair HR”, where email is used to track candidates, hire workers, and – worst of all – onboard employees.
In this session, we’ll go through many common use cases and showcase new out-of-the-box solutions and methodologies for streamlining your HR process, enforcing data integrity and ensuring a high quality of service.
Future Trends for the Connected Business
Boomi’s technical leadership is your competitive advantage! In this session, Technology Evangelist Thameem Khan will detail several trends being embraced by leading-edge digital innovators, and how those trends will affect you and your business: blockchain, microservices, event-driven and serverless architectures.
Connected Business - A Reality Check (Sponsored Session by: Aspire Systems, Inc.)
With the rise of digital trends, enterprises are under high pressure to deliver on digitally Connected Business operations to drive faster value for the customers. Building an end-to-end connected business requires mature architecture to build seamless collaboration between customers, devices (IoT), business systems, processes, and partners. However many organization are struggling to establish fully Connected Business model to deliver uniform digital experience for both internal and external customers.
As Boomi talks about Connected Business, is it really possible to achieve end-to-end connected business model using the Boomi Platform? Join this session and learn how Boomi platform can be leveraged to build a Connected Business from customer facing digital APIs to application integration , customer MDM and EDI based partner integration.  A Practical Demo by AURAS Team!
Create an Agile and Responsive Enterprise with Automation and Smart Integration (Sponsored Session by NTT DATA)
Increasing customer expectations. Increasing demands on business innovation. Complex and inflexible IT landscape. How do you manage this paradox successfully?
NTT DATA Services and Boomi make it easy. Our deep partnership and collaborative services help simplify, automate, and integrate IT applications and business processes smoothly and efficiently. Together, we help customers select the right platform, automate processes, implement solutions, and provide related migration and upgrade services.
Join Dan Thomas, VP of Automation, Integration & Alliances at NTT DATA Services as he explores automation and integration solutions from NTT DATA and Boomi, and how they can make enterprises more agile and responsive to today’s market needs.
Boomi as the Middleware Solution Used in Salesforce Implementations (Sponsored by Appirio)
Appirio consultants bring together cloud, mobile, and social technology expertise and a deep understanding of the way people work. A solid integration architecture across multiple cloud and on-premise applications with a cloud middleware helps optimize business processes and seamlessly link data between systems increasing productivity for users leading to successful user adoption of the cloud solution.
We are presenting three use cases involving Boomi as the middleware solution
  • Systems integrations for Staffing Services Division at Business Management solutions provider.
  • Data Synchronization  and real-time integrations at Educational Services Company to improve Lead processing and Student/Campus data usage
  • Supporting HR and finance functions as part of a serverless enterprise IT entirely in the cloud.